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ESEF status (companies without a place of business in France)

Created in 2004, the ESEF status allows companies that have no place of business in France to declare their employees under the French national health insurance system.

ESEF: a simple legal status suitable for a first move into France

Esef entreprise sans ├ętablissement en France
ESEF is the simplest legal status in France and, as such, is a good way for a foreign company to get a foothold on the French and/or European market..
  • No company or subsidiary to set up, so almost no investment necessary.
  • You simply must be registered as a foreign company with French social welfare agencies. Your employees receive the same insurance coverage as any other employee in France.
  • Your sole obligation is to manage your employees with French social-welfare agencies, and PROJINVEST SERVICES handles that for you!

What employers are ESEF-eligible?

Any foreign company that has no registered place of business in France (neither production facility, nor commercial agency) is eligible for ESEF status.

What employees are ESEF-eligible?

All employees working in France, exclusively or not, must join the French national health insurance scheme, regardless of their citizenship and place of residence. Employees working in two or more EU countries, including France, are subject to the same obligation (CEE Regulation n┬░1408/71).

Easy and fast to set up and rescind

Thanks to our experience, the ESEF status is easy to set up (no company to set up, no minimum capital base) and, if you decide to pull out, ESEF status is easy to rescind!
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