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ESEF from the point of view of French employees

Social protection and coverage are identical to that of a "normal" employee

Esef pour salariƩAny person living in France may work from home (or from a business centre, for example) for a foreign company via the ESEF status (company with no place of business in France).

If this is the case for you, you will be managed under the French system (national health insurance, unemployment insurance, pension savings, etc.) and you will receive social protection and coverage that are identical to that of all employees of French companies.

Your work contract will be under French jurisdiction and the competent court in the event of litigation will be your local labour court.

We therefore advise you to have your future work contract drawn up in French or at least include a French translation.

Projinvest Services handles social-welfare matters for its foreign customers from A to Z.
Our experience in social-welfare management for foreign companies (with more than 100 foreign customers) has led us to set up a reliable and efficient network of multi-lingual partners (including specialised attorneys, auditors, call centres, insurance, etc.).

Projinvest Services is thus able to offer tailored solutions to give you the best possible environment to begin operating.

Why work for a foreign company?

Generally speaking, employees of foreign companies are:
  • given very interesting assignments,
  • are given a very wide range of autonomy,
  • are paid far more than equivalent French company employees.
The reason for this is that companies that are prospecting new markets and are placing a premium on quick success are often willing to pay more for the right profile: time is money !
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